Main Responsibilities

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China Council for the Promotion of International Trade Dalian Sub-council (CCPIT DALIAN) is a non-governmental foreign economic and trade organization composed of representative personages, enterprises, associations and organizations in the economic and trade circle of Dalian.The main responsibilities of CCPIT DALIAN include the following:

1. On the basis of the national guidelines and policies on foreign trade and economic cooperation, to promote foreign economic and trade activities, to expand import & export trade and investment, and to boost economic and technological exchanges and cooperation; to give full play to the unique role of civil diplomacy and develop the economic and trade exchanges with other countries in the world.

2. To invite and receive visitors and delegations from foreign economic and trade circles; organize economic and trade delegations to go abroad for visits, to carry out exchanges and cooperation with relevant international & regional organizations, international trade promotion agencies and business associations; to participate in relevant international organizations and their activities; to organize, participate in or jointly convene international conferences on economic, trade, technical cooperation and legal dimension with foreign corresponding organizations.


3. Under the guidance of the relevant departments of the municipal government, to promote the economic and trade exchanges between Dalian and other countries and regions, as well as Hong Kong, Macao special administrative regions and Taiwan, and to provide services for the exchanges and cooperation between the business communities.


4. Entrusted by Dalian municipal government, to be responsible for the organizing, coordinating and managing of the city's exhibitions.To be responsible for the registration of exhibitions held in Dalian, the examination and approval of holding economic and trade exhibitions abroad; be responsible for the relevant matters of organizing, coordinating, supervising and administrating of the relevant exhibition organizations of Dalian to join the UFI and participate in the World Expo and exhibition; to participate in China international trade exhibitions, international trade expositions and trade fairs which organized by the China Council for the Promotion of International Trade; t host economic and trade exhibitions and expositions in Dalian.


5. To collect, sort out, transmit and release the economic and trade information; to undertake the evaluation and feasibility study of economic and technological cooperation projects between China and foreign countries; to contact and organize economic and trade discuss and technical exchanges; to provide various services such as business information, consultation and credit investigation to the relevant enterprises and institutions in the domestic and overseas; to edit and publish trade publications.


6. To provide services to member companies and other companies; to report relevant circumstances and opinions of the business circles to relevant governmental departments; to study relevant issues in the field of foreign economic & trade and to provide reference opinions to enterprises.


7. To handle economic and trade arbitration business; to issue certificates of the origin of Chinese export commodities; to issue certificates of force majeure; to be agent for consular authentication concerning foreign affairs commerce documents; to issue and certify documents and files in regard to foreign trade and sea freight business; to undertake the issuance and guarantee of ATA Carnet documents; to mediate relevant commercial and maritime disputes; and to provide relevant legal consulting and legal consultancy services.


8. To be agent for Chinese enterprises in foreign countries or foreign companies and individuals in China to handle patent applications and trademark registration; provide legal services and technology trade on intellectual property consulting, disputes and etc.


9. To guide and coordinate the work of CCPIT branches in each district, county level city; to guide and coordinate the work of CCOIC Dalian Chamber of Commerce.


10. To handle other jobs accredited or assigned by the municipal government.

Add: 10/11F Wanda Building ,No.9 Jiefang Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China.

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