Organization Structure

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1.Administrative Office

Administrative Office is responsible for the arrangement and coordination of big events held by CCPIT DALIAN; Party affairs, handling of messages and search & publicity; financial affairs, human resource affairs, mechanism of organizations, assessment, appointments & dismissals, training, evaluation of professional and technical posts of cadres; maintenance of security, confidential work, proposal for NPC member, draft proposal for CPPCC member, dealing with letters and calls, records management, retired staff management and poverty alleviation work; management of procedures for going abroad and political examinations.

2. Department of Convention & Exhibition

Department of Convention & Exhibition is responsible for the framing and implementation of the development plan of the overall exhibition industry; coordination with the exhibition organizers, exhibition venues and the related departments, standardized management for the market orders of the exhibition industry; assisting local exhibition organizations entering UFI and organizing, coordinating, supervising and managing of the companies joining World Expo; organizing foreign associations to take part in local exhibitions and the related coordination work; sponsor of economic and trade fairs; participating international expos and trade fairs held by CCPIT; to undertake the daily work of the Exhibition Management Office.

3. Department of International Relations

Department of International Relations is responsible for the liaison work with the economic and trade organizations and friendly personages all over the world; inviting & receiving foreign and regional missions; organizing economic and trade activities and conferences; conducting exchange and cooperation with related international organizations; exploring the international markets for companies; the establishment and liaison of foreign (regional) representative offices in Dalian.

4. Department of Legal Affairs

Department of Legal Affairs is responsible for providing legal services in the area of international trade and economy; issuing of the certificate of original for export products, the certificate for international business, application for consular legalization; the registration, application, dispute settlement of trade marks and patents; issuing the certificate of foreign trade, the certificate of ATA Carnet, the certificate of force major; conducting arbitration, lawsuit; the arbitration of international commercial disputes; filing and registration of export products in the Customs; issuing of the foreign economic legal documents.

5. Department of Membership & Economic Information

Department of Membership & Economic Information is responsible for the guidance, coordination and the liaison work of the branch offices, organizing training for the branch offices and the membership companies; hosting international seminars and technology exchange activities; conducting cooperation projects for companies to explore the international market; organizing trade promotion conferences, membership congress, conferences for executive members and other related meetings; in charge of the development, management and providing services for members; meanwhile, undertaking the job as the secretariat of CCOIC Dalian.

6. Department of Commercial Consultancy

Department of Commercial Consultancy is responsible for taking full advantages of international economic and trade trends; investigating international and domestic markets; collecting, sorting out and releasing international economic and trade information; guiding and coordinating the information network construction and information service of Dalian trade promotion system; carrying out investment promotion and investment promotion; publicize the investment environment and economic construction achievements;introducing the domestic and foreign economic situation for providing economic and trade information consulting services for enterprises.

7. The Committee of China Dalian Imp. & Exp. Commodities Fair

Under the leadership of Liaoning Provincial Government, Dalian Municipal Government, CCCMC and CCCME, who are the co-organizers of China Dalian Imp. & Exp. Commodities Fair, the Committee is responsible for coordination between exhibitors and sponsors and holding the fair.

8. China-Japan Business Council Liaison Office (Dalian)

China-Japan Business Council Liaison Office (Dalian) is responsible for completing the work assigned by CCPIT and CCOIC, serving the national CCPIT system and local enterprises; organizing enterprises to  Japan for research, business dialogues, project matchmaking, training exchanges and other activities, carrying out liaison with Japan, guiding enterprises to explore the Japanese market; completing the development work for council members; relying on the expert committee of CCPIT, various outstanding think tanks and strategic partners to provide direct support for local enterprises to explore the Japanese market, realizing the transfer of superior production capacity and industrial transformation and upgrading; cooperating with relevant Japanese institutions to provide SMES with Japanese economic and trade policy environment, laws and regulations, social and cultural information; regularly exchange information on China-Japan economic and trade publications, economic situation, trade statistics, market information and other aspects; guiding enterprise explore the market better and prevent risks.

Add: 10/11F Wanda Building ,No.9 Jiefang Street, Zhongshan District, Dalian, China.

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