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American actor Paul DeAngelo on cooperation with URF: “Together we can achieve great things”

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The Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund has attracted a large number of people in Ukraine, Europe, and the USA to its mission in a year and a half of work. Our ambassadors live on different continents, but they are doing a common thing: bringing the victory and revival of Ukraine closer.

We thank everyone who participates – publicly or not publicly – in the implementation of projects, fundraising, organization of the Fund’s events, and promotion of a positive image of Ukraine in the world.

One of these helpmeets is the American actor Paul DeAngelo. A friend, associate, and true patriot of Ukraine.

In particular, we are grateful to Paul for his active help in organizing and holding a charity evening in the city of Bayonne.

Paul DeAngelo (left) and Bayonne Mayor Jimmy Davis (center)

– To be on the side of Ukraine means to be on the side of truth, – he believes. – Here in America, we understand at what price people in Ukraine get independence. This country has become a big part of my life lately. Therefore, participation in the activities of the Ukrainian Reconstruction Fund is my significant contribution to helping this brave nation.

– Considerable achievements await us together, – adds the actor.

Currently, Paul DeAngelo does not appear in films much, but fans of horror films remember him as one of the brightest actors of the 80s. He is best known for his role as head camp counselor Ronnie Angelo in the cult slasher film Sleepaway Camp and its sequels. In addition to roles in films, DeAngelo has a director’s work and is engaged in film and music production.

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