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New social project of the Fund: creation of a medical and rehabilitation center in Kyiv

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According to Viktoriia Korsunova, head of the URF’s Kyiv office, the project included in the social part of the Fund’s development program.

“We plan that the Center will provide assistance to Ukrainians affected by the war. First of all, we are talking about the military and people from the war zone. We are taking up this area, realizing that the demand for rehabilitation in Ukraine is only growing. Tens of thousands of people are now learning to live with physical injuries and mental health disorders”, – said Victoriia Korsunova.

Vladyslav Pashkovskyi, Fund’s Project Development Advisor, said that recently URF management had held a meeting with Kyiv partners to discuss joint actions within the framework of the Center’s opening.

“Our partners also have a great desire to contribute to this important cause. For our part, we offer to search for investors for this project”, – he explained.

Details on the project’s progress will be announced next year.

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