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URF Ambassador Paul DeAngelo on the importance of popularizing Ukrainian culture in the West

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– To carry out reconstruction means not just to rebuild the old, but to create something fundamentally new on its basis. Ukraine lost immeasurably much due to the war. No one will bring human lives back, but we can and must build a country for future generations that was worth fighting for, says Pavlo Kostyuk, head of the URF.

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URF is currently establishing cooperation with ambassadors who become authors and leaders of reconstruction ideas. In particular, the American actor Paul DeAngelo undertook to develop a wide range of work in the cultural sphere.

– I confess, I am just discovering all the diversity of Ukrainian culture for myself, – he says. – But I already see several promising tasks. In my opinion, western society must stop equating Ukrainian culture with Russian culture. I also want to popularize Ukrainian culture in the West, but in ways that are accessible and understandable here.

The actor is sure that at the current stage of development, the American and Ukrainian cultural spheres have points of contact and can enrich each other’s experience. Currently, he is formulating the format of projects that could be launched for this purpose within the framework of the Fund’s work.

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