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Securden launches industry-first unified privileged access management platform truly purpose-built for MSPs

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Securden launches industry-first unified privileged access management platform truly purpose-built for MSPs

Bala Venkatramani, Co-founder and CEO, Securden, Inc.

Full-featured PAM in a single package allows MSPs to offer PAM as a service or handle privileged access for fully managed and co-managed IT environments.

Though there are many good general-purpose PAM solutions in the market, when it comes to catering to the specific needs of MSPs, there is a huge gap. Securden Unified PAM MSP fills that critical gap.”

— Bala Venkatramani, CEO, Securden, Inc.

WILMINGTON, DELAWARE, UNITED STATES, September 7, 2023/ — Securden Inc., a leading provider of privileged access and identity security solutions, today announced the launch of Unified PAM MSP, a first-in-class, unique offering for Managed Service Providers. Built on a scalable, multi-tenant architecture with complete data segregation, the Unified PAM MSP delivers all critical Privileged Access Management (PAM) functionalities in a single package. It enables MSPs to offer PAM-as-a-Service to their clients or manage client infrastructure across diverse environments—on-prem, multi-cloud, hybrid—with complete operational flexibility.

Businesses tend to outsource their IT operations due to a variety of reasons. Some organizations fully outsource their IT, while others prefer a co-managed set up. In both models, MSPs play a dominant role in infrastructure access and management. MSPs are always attractive targets for cybercriminals. Lax security measures at the MSP’s end could compromise the client’s data. Robust cybersecurity measures have become non-negotiable for service providers to fend off data breaches. In the backdrop of numerous identity and access-based attacks, Privileged Access Management has emerged as a top priority for MSPs.

MSPs and MSSPs operate in client environments that are incredibly diverse, complex, and dynamic. The nature, type, and number of target IT assets, applications, and users create a complex management challenge for service providers.

Additionally, MSPs work with many clients simultaneously, which calls for multiple workflows, policies, and a combination of technologies to be put in place to manage the plethora of incoming access requests. Furthermore, the client organizations that MSPs serve present a wide range of governance and compliance needs that require granular controls and complete flexibility over administrative operations.

IT service providers often end up deploying multiple disjointed solutions to tackle this wide array of requirements. This piecemeal approach creates critical gaps in visibility and fails to fit seamlessly into overall IT operations.

“When trying to implement a privileged access security solution, MSPs face a lot of roadblocks. The needs of MSPs vastly differ, and each MSP is unique in its operating model. Though there are many good general-purpose PAM solutions in the market, when it comes to catering to the specific access security needs of MSPs, there is a huge gap,” said Bala Venkatramani, CEO of Securden, Inc.

“Securden Unified PAM MSP strives to fill that critical gap. The solution is unique in two aspects – the entire spectrum of PAM covered in a single package along with the flexibility to handle any MSP operating model,” he said.

“Right from secure password management for multiple clients, remote IT access to disparate client networks, managing and monitoring granular administrative access to IT assets, enforcing least privileges, eliminating local admin rights on workstations, preventing malware propagation, to ensuring compliance to regulations, MSPs can implement end-to-end PAM in a single package. Many leading MSPs have helped us co-create the product. IT service providers can manage any type and mode of IT infrastructure with robust data segregation.”

The unified approach not only eliminates the need for multiple solutions, but also provides the much-needed visibility for MSPs and helps them thwart internal and external threats. Adoption of access security best practices helps instill confidence in their clients.

Securden Unified PAM MSP – Highlights:

1) All in one package:

Combines critical PAM capabilities like privileged identity management, just-in-time remote access, session management, least privilege enforcement, endpoint privilege management, and more in a single package.

2) Scalable, multi-tenant architecture with complete data segregation:

Built over a robust, multi-tenant architecture capable of supporting tens of hundreds of clients in a single instance, the product facilitates complete data segregation, thereby ensuring zero data exposure between different client environments. The solution also puts in place fine-grained access restrictions, with MSP technicians getting visibility to only the data they manage. In contrast, MSP administrators get holistic visibility over the complete spectrum of client data—all from a single platform.

3) Secure, one-click access to client environments:

Enables service providers to establish secure connections (RDP, SSH, SQL) to target IT assets in multiple client networks, with capabilities to establish controls, workflows, and policies.

4) PAM as a service:

Helps service providers offer privileged access management as a service (PAMaaS) to multiple clients. In this fully outsourced model, the solution is entirely hosted within the service provider’s environment and is made available on a subscription basis for client organizations. This helps reduce infrastructure costs for clients and presents an opportunity for MSPs and MSSPs to generate recurring income streams and open new business opportunities.

5) Privileged access governance across multiple networks:

MSPs working with the co-managed model can securely access the respective client networks without opening any port on the client side. All remote connections, session recordings, and remote operations on target devices across multiple networks can be managed from a single, centralized PAM instance.

6) Diverse infrastructure support:

Provision to manage client devices present across on-prem, multi-cloud, private cloud, hybrid or any other type of complex cloud architecture.

7) Complete operational flexibility:

Regardless of whether the IT infrastructure is present in the MSP environment, client environment or both, the PAM platform seamlessly provides granular access controls for MSP technicians, MSP administrators, and client-side IT teams depending on governance requirements.

8) Comprehensive reporting:

Captures all critical events around privileged access as trails that help organizations exhibit compliance with various industrial and government regulations.

For more information about Securden Unified PAM MSP, visit

About Securden

Securden is a leading provider of privileged access governance and identity security solutions that uniquely combine the zero-trust architecture’s critical security principles, least privilege enforcement, and continuous risk assessment to prevent cyberattacks, malware propagation, and insider exploitation. Securden products (Password Vault for Enterprises, Unified PAM, Endpoint Privilege Manager, and Unified PAM MSP) have been designed for security and scalability and are trusted by organizations of all types and sizes, including large banking and financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare organizations, educational institutions, IT service providers, MSPs, and manufacturing companies across the globe. To learn more, visit

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