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Space Engine Systems at the IAC 2023 in Baku

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Mark your calendars, Space Engine Systems will be attending the IAC 2023 Show in Baku from October 2nd through the 6th.

EDMONTON, ALBERTA, CANADA, September 21, 2023 / — Space Engine Systems is an aerospace and space engineering company working to become the lowest-cost trucking company to anywhere in space including the Lunar Mission. This is achieved by developing three fully reusable horizontal take-off and landing Mach 5 spaceplanes named the Hello series. Additionally, Space Engine Systems is developing several spin-off technologies including multi-fuel turbojet/turbo-ram jet engines and a lightweight cryogenic hydrogen heat exchanger. The DASS GNX turbo-ram jet engine powers all spaceplanes in the Hello series using airbreathing propulsion systems and can run on jet fuel, methane, and blends of up to 100% hydrogen.

Mark your calendars, Space Engine Systems is attending the 2023 IAC Convention in Baku. At the IAC 2023 Convention from October 2nd to 6th, a scale model of the Hello-1 spaceplane will be displayed in booth #317. Meet with Space Engine Systems personnel at the event to learn how the Hello series of spaceplanes will disrupt the space and aerospace industries.

Space Engine Systems is currently developing Hello-1X, a piloted technology demonstrator vehicle with unmanned option capable of Mach 5 flight up to an altitude of 32 kilometers. Hello-1 can deliver 550 kilograms to LEO while Hello-2 can deliver 5,500 kilograms to LEO, 1,650 kilograms to lunar orbit, and 760 kilograms to the lunar surface. Payloads can be delivered point-to-point across the earth by any of the Hello spaceplanes and can be delivered to various earth and lunar orbits, and the lunar surface via a transfer vehicle released from Hello-1 and Hello-2. All of Space Engine Systems’ spaceplanes are piloted with an unmanned option.

We have operations in Edmonton Canada, Cornwall U.K., and are currently setting up operations in multiple locations in the U.S. To rapidly expand and continue our growth into these countries, Space Engine Systems is hiring highly dedicated business development personnel and aerospace, mechanical, and electrical engineers. Space Engine Systems Inc. applicants for our Edmonton operations must be Canadian citizens, applicants for Space Engine Systems Limited Cornwall U.K. must be British citizens, and for U.S. positions for Space Engine Systems USA Inc. applicants must be U.S. citizens. Please apply to [email protected].

Space Engine Systems has aggressive and ambitious timelines. Subject to regulatory approvals in the U.S., we hope to launch our piloted Hello-1X demonstrator vehicle next year, says Pradeep Dass, President & CTO of Space Engine Systems.

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Space Engine Systems – DASS GNX Turbo-Ram Jet Testing

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