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Neurofeedback by Yana Sorsher – the modern psychology alternative

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Yana Sorsher and the miracle of modern Neurofeedback. Yana Sorsher, MSW, is among South Florida’s most experienced and renowned neuro-therapist with over 20 years of experience and 30,000+ successful clients.

Neurofeedback has many protocols for different disorders, given that the brain controls all systems and organs in our body. Investing in resolving and preventing current or future psychological and neurological disorders can only benefit us by providing anti-aging for the brain and ensuring a higher quality future. Through Neurofeedback, individuals can achieve the best performance from their brains, allowing them to feel clear, calm, focused, and alert.

We live in an era, where technology of tomorrow is advancing at unprecedented rate and is penetrating our lives like an inevitable sign of human development and civilization. The human brain was not left without high tech’s attention and presented itself with this gift from the future by the name of Neurofeedback. Neurofeedback is a brain waves EEG-based training, which allows us to objectively look at the brain functions and train it to the desired level. This training stands out for its objective properties, delivering the last word of technology to upgrade and override our brain function’s improvement to a higher level. This amazing tool of the future of Neuropsychology allows us to train any part of the brain depending on problems presented and not limited to the desired level of brain functioning. It is able to assist in getting rid of ADHD, ADD, learning issues, Autism related symptoms in children; Depression Anxiety, OCD, PTSD, Addictions in adults and adolescents, improve sleep, memory, IQ in students, full rehabilitation after TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury), Stroke in elderly, or Peak performance in athletes or CIOs and overall brain functions improvement for everyone. 

Someone may ask how one treatment can be so versatile and the answer is simple: over 55 years of existence, Neurofeedback has many protocols for different disorders. After all, the brain is the organ in charge of all systems and organs in our body. So, keeping it trained, in good shape and investing in resolving and prevention of current or future psychological and neurological disorders can only be a benefit, providing anti-aging for the brain and assuring a higher quality future for us. It is important to say that Neurofeedback is noninvasive, pain and side effects free.

Brainwave EEG or Electroencephalograph Examination of the Brain in a Clinic Neurofeedback
Brainwave EEG or Electroencephalograph Examination of the Brain

Are you in charge of your emotions? Can you stop worrying at will?  Can you order your brain to sleep and get 100% obedience from it? Are you the boss of your brain? Neurofeedback allows you to get the best performance from your brain and make you feel clear, calm, focused and alert at the same time.

Everyone nowadays wants to look good. We spend a lot of time and money on our exterior, forgetting, at times, that our exterior always depends on our inner function. We know from Epigenetic that our emotions change our genes expression either to health and recovery, or to diseases and illness. Thus, watching what we eat, drinking a lot of water, brushing our teeth, and cleaning ourselves, even going to the gym to keep our muscles in shape is not enough these days. Keeping our mind and emotions in balance is the key for contemporary healthy living. because, even if we eat organic food and exercise daily, but will be preoccupied with negative emotions, our body will create “negative” proteins and turn our gene expression to stress and illness. 

   Neurofeedback allows to train brain waves to the cruise control level, when the brain functions with the norm all the time. It is achieved by repeating neurofeedback sessions, as the brain learns any new task by repetition. How many sessions depends on many variables, your metabolic speed, your age, even gender.  In short, the younger you are the faster you will train, females will train slower than men, the less time you have your symptom or illness the faster it will take for your brain to unlearn it. But with each and every session you are closer to your desired recovery.  After each and every session, we are able to see objective brain functions improvement, which is provided in Standard Deviation, so you can see how far or close you are to the norm. But the best benefit of Neurofeedback is the fact that after each and every session new neuronal cells are born in the brain and the connection between neuronal synapses improves.

Now, the sky’s the limit for those who choose this amazing GYM for the brain, especially knowing that neural connections in the brain start “falling” apart approximately after 30 est birthday or maybe a few years later if you are lucky. Neurofeedback helps the brain regain its strength and improve self-regulation.

Biofeedback EEG Training Monitoring Brain Activity Using Brainwave Sensors
Biofeedback EEG Training Monitoring Brain Activity Using Brainwave Sensors

However, in the era of fast desired quick fixes, we often find ourselves reaching for a pill to fix our emotional problems. It can be very effective in resolving various concerns and ailments, however, once a consumer stops taking them… symptoms creep back in. A pill may help a person function day to day, but sometimes comes with uncomfortable side effects and requires another pill for that. This is especially a concern for individuals with long term cognitive difficulties such as ADHD, Learning and Autistic Spectrum Disorders, and various autoimmune disorders like Dementia, Alzheimer’s, MS, Parkinson, or severe and persistent diagnoses such as MDD (Major Depressive disorder), bipolar disorder  and Schizophrenia. Moreover, a pill makes the brain dependent on it, it doesn’t remove the original problems, it makes the brain weaker over time and higher doses will be needed later, as the brain becomes lazier. Some pills you cannot just stop taking as it require a doctor’s supervision.

Fortunately, in the 1960’s Dr Joe Kamiya at the University of Chicago and Dr Barry Sterman at UCLA began to pioneer what is known today as neurofeedback. Later NASA use Neurofeedback for sending cats to outer space. With origins in treatment of epilepsy, neurofeedback has expanded to the treatment of psychiatric disorders ranging from cognitive, mood, neurological and psychotic disorders. Continuing research shows efficacy close to that of pharmaceutical intervention, however, with life lasting change. Practitioners utilize EEG devices and electrodes which are connected to a computer system. The electrodes are connected to a client’s scalp where they track brainwaves for the practitioner to review and instruct the program to provide auditory feedback using a computer program. Clients engage in these sessions for up to 40 minutes within an hour session at a specified interval for their treatment. Some report feeling sleepy or tired after their neurofeedback session. Depending on the treating condition, clients often see results within the first week which is an especially rewarding experience for helping professionals.

About Yana Sorsher

Yana Sorsher

Yana Sorsher, MSW, is among South Florida’s most experienced and renowned neuro-therapist with over 20 years of experience and 30,000+ successful clients. Yana is the founder of Psychological & Neurofeedback Center in Miami, Florida.

Mrs. Sorsher has two master’s degrees, Honor Society Awardee, and has a bachelor’s in medicine.  She provides Neurofeedback EEG brain training, Peak performance and QEEG in Aventura FL since 2000. Born in Kiev Ukraine, she earned her bachelor’s in medicine degree from Kiev University. She completed her Internship in the Cardiology Department of Kiev Regional Hospital. She then completed her Internship in the Psychology Department at Kiev Regional Hospital. In 1991, Mrs. Sorsher graduated with Honors and received her Master’s in Psychology and Teaching at the Kiev Government University. She successfully completed her Internship in Kiev Lyceum # 1.  Since 1992, Mrs. Sorsher lives in the United States and has also worked in the Department of Children and Families (DCF) in the Foster Care and Adoption Unit. In 1995 for outstanding job performance, she was chosen to continue her education in a IV E Government funded program at Florida International University. In 1997 she graduated with Honors in Master of Social Work. Together with five other students she actively participated in the project of restructuring DCF initial clinical child assessment to a triage structure. @neurofeedbackcenter

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