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Tyndall AFB welcomes CSAF to the ‘Installation of the Future’

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Airmen from Tyndall Air Force Base welcomed Air Force Chief of Staff Gen. CQ Brown, Jr. May 18-19, to the Defense Department’s first “Installation of the Future.”

There, Brown saw first-hand the evolution of the $4.9 billion rebuild and discussed the progression of three incoming F-35A Lightning II squadrons as the 325th Fighter Wing transitions into a combat-coded mission.

As he toured the installation with base leadership, his message was clear: The U.S. Air Force must be ready to project combat airpower on behalf of America.

“We want to be so good at what we do that our adversaries wake up every day and go, ‘not today,’” Brown said.

Brown’s Accelerate Change or Lose directive was highlighted while hosting an all-call for the Airmen of the 325th FW. As the home of air dominance, Tyndall AFB plays a tremendous role in supporting that vision.

“Personally and professionally, I do not play for second place. I play to win,” Brown said. “We want to do everything we can to posture the Air Force to ensure we can win.”

Tyndall AFB’s F-22 Raptor training mission evolving into an F-35 combat ready mission represents a massive change for the Air Force to ensure readiness. Tyndall’s first F-35 is expected to arrive in August 2023.

 “Bringing in the F-35 squadrons increases the combat capability of our Air Force,” Brown said. “That is an important aspect for us to be able to execute our mission to ensure we can compete, deter and win if called upon to do so.”

In support of the new mission Tyndall expects an influx of Airmen and their families. In preparation for their arrival, Sharene Brown, spouse of the Air Force chief of staff, shared her Five and Thrive initiative during the visit.

“While building the installation of the future, Team Tyndall is prioritizing what is needed for Airmen and their families – resources to support education, housing, spouse employment, health care and childcare,” Sharene said.

The visit provided Airmen across the installation an opportunity to understand how top Air Force leaders make decisions and what their role is in the fight.

The ‘Checkertails’ remain mission ready and will be prepared to execute when their nation calls upon them.

“I want to be ahead of the pacing challenge,” Brown said. “I want to continue to push to ensure we provide our Airmen the capabilities so we continue to be the most respected Air Force in the world.”

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