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Pavlo Kostyuk on the UNITED24 platform: “Such support is evidence that the world is on the side of truth”

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He thanked the ambassadors of the platform and the efforts of donors. He said that the funds raised by them were used to purchase drones, marine drones, anti-drone systems, demining equipment, incubators for premature babies, ambulances, as well as to rebuild 26 bridges, apartment buildings, schools, and arrange shelters for children.

The founder of the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund, Pavlo Kostyuk, joined the words of gratitude.

“The project’s ambassadors are famous actors, directors, entrepreneurs, scientists, and musicians. I know some of them personally. I admire and am inspired by their energy and desire to create, build, and change the world. I am grateful that in difficult times they stood by Ukraine’s side,” emphasized Pavlo Kostyuk.

The founder of the Fund thanked each donor from 110 countries who joined the fundraising for UNITED24 projects.

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“Such support is evidence that the world is on the side of truth and good. Every dollar or euro is a contribution to the protection of a free, democratic future,” said Kostyuk.

In total, the platform has raised more than $625 million so far.

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