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Pavlo Kostyuk: Shortage of personnel in construction will affect Ukraine’s post-war recovery

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“The country is facing the task of rebuilding millions of square meters of housing, schools, hospitals, bridges and other infrastructure, but there is already an acute shortage of skilled workers. All top managers of specialized companies talk about this. According to their estimates, the shortage is between 25 and 50%. There is a shortage of crane operators, painters, electricians, and monolithic workers,” said Mr. Kostyuk.

In his opinion, the lack of workers will affect the quality and speed of post-war reconstruction and is already affecting the cost of construction services.

“This is a signal to everyone. It is a signal to business, which should reconsider the principles of encouraging workers. And the state, which should systematically engage in the formation of human resources, starting from high school,” thinks the URF founder.

For its part, the Ukraine Reconstruction Fund is currently considering the possibility of supporting educational projects for the training of professional and technical personnel.

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