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Clinical Psychologist Kara von Dresner Launches Project to Overcome “People Problems” in the Republican Party

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Dr. Kara von Dresner recently speaking out about Veteran Suicide

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Dr. Kara von Dresner addressing border crisis in recent series about National Security

Logo at RepublicanShare Headquarters in Fredericksburg VA

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New Website RepublicanShare offers human capital management, new candidates and staffers, campaign research, job site, and a national forum for the GOP

We must make better use of our greatest asset – our people – if we are to give our grandchildren the America we wanted to live in.”

— Dr. Kara von Dresner

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, February 29, 2024 / — At RepublicanShare headquarters, founder Dr. Kara von Dresner, a psychologist, philanthropist, and political strategist, calmly sips a cup of mint green tea – a “habit” she says she formed while working with the military overseas. In the most self-effacing and genuine way, she explains she is worried about the direction of the Republican Party. “Given my clinical career and political experience, I am much more focused on sociology than social issues; and much more concerned with the disintegration of American mores than the moral beliefs of one politician.”

Von Dresner has quietly founded, funded, and worked on many major Republican campaigns; however recently, von Dresner reports, she has seen an undeniable lack of qualified candidates, trained staffers, and motivated volunteers within the Republican Party. Dr. von Dresner explains she was finally compelled to act during the recent primary of her now significant other, Senator Bryce Reeves (R-VA).

“To the detriment of this great nation, Republicans are losing due to the Democrat focus on social issues and our inability to harness talent. We fail to train and retain good staffers; we spend way too much money on inefficient campaign models; and we have no central place to find candidates and campaigners nationally. We must make better use of our greatest asset – our people – if we are to give our grandchildren the America we wanted to live in.”

Von dresner reports she became increasingly frustrated by campaigns that settled on inappropriate or lazy staffers, because they could not find others. In response, she decided to self-fund and launch RepublicanShare – a website dedicated to furthering the Republican Party by finding the best conservative candidate for every campaign and candidacy in America.

RepublicanShare is the first project to farm both campaign staff and candidates and is solely focused on human capital management for Republican campaigns. It allows candidates and campaigns to post jobs to a nationwide pool of staffers and, inversely, allows those interested in working for a campaign or becoming a candidate to find opportunities not limited to their physical location and word of mouth.

The RepublicanShare website requires an application for access, but once approved Republicans from every state, position, and skill level can find or post position listings. Members also have access to political case studies and the RS Forum, where campaigners can ask questions, share campaigning tips, and give advice. Von dresner invested a great deal of personal funds to ensure the website is secure from hackers and free to users.

“Politics is about people. We must begin to find, train, and support the best Republican people, so that all people may benefit. If you are called to servant leadership, I invite you to join RepublicanShare today.”

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