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Cybersecurity Firm Blows Whistle on Coverup of National Security Threat Discovered During Execution of Search Warrant

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Nate Cain, Federal Whistleblower, US Congress Candidate, WV-2, Military Veteran, & CEO of Cain & Associates. Election integrity, Expert Witness & Cyberforensic Investigator for Donald Trump’s White House in the 2020 election.

Los Angeles County District Attorney Provides Cover for the CCP’s Infiltration of Election Management System

A successful investigation and prosecution would have given credence to claims of foreign intrusion into America’s electronic voting systems.”

— Nate Cain, Expert Witness, Cyberforensic Investigator

HEDGESVILLE, WEST VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES, April 17, 2024 / — In early October of 2022, Cain & Associates, a West Virginia based cybersecurity firm, was tasked to assist Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office Bureau of Investigation (LADA-BOI) in the execution of a court-ordered search warrant against Konnech, Inc., a Michigan-based software company, responsible for producing the widely used election management software, PollChief, and its CEO Eugene YU. This investigation was spurred on by allegations made by True the Vote’s Catherine Engelbrecht and Gregg Phillips, who claimed to have evidence of leaked US citizens’ PII to China on a massive scale by Konnech, Inc.

Nate Cain, Owner and Harry Haury, CEO of Cain & Associates were hired by LADA-BOI to provide specialized Highly Adaptable Cybersecurity Services (HACS). These services included Cyber-Forensics, Live Capture, Search Find & Recovery, Data Examination/Analysis, Network Enumeration & Security, and Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) analysis of Foreign Adversaries.

The Los Angeles Grand Jury issued arrest and search warrants, with an indictment made by the Deputy District Attorney, Eric Neff, for Eugene Yu. Yu’s company, Konnech, Inc., which held a contract to provide election management software in Los Angeles County and in several other states, exposed US voter information in China, starting in 2019 and beyond.

Cain noted that Yu obtained a patent from the United States Patent Office for Konnech’s voting equipment. Yu’s patent partners are Jun Yu of Zhejiang, China and Guojun Shao of Jinhua, China. “This red flag had yellow stars all over it. Our government ignored it and, in the LA County District Attorney, George Gascón’s case, he covered it up,” declared Cain. When the Gascón heard of Yu’s indictment, he promptly dismissed it and Yu fled the country. Cain observed, “A successful investigation and prosecution would have given credence to claims of foreign intrusion into America’s electronic voting systems. There is no justifiable reason for Gascón’s dismissal of clear evidence in an intrusion of America’s election infrastructure by China.”

Yu’s arrest and the seizure of Konnech servers were said to show evidence of: 1) multiple instances of American PII on servers in China; 2) significant evidence of internet messages about Konnech software code, testing and maintenance in China; and 3) Konnech administrative computer credentials were observed passing root level credentials to Chinese developers, along with evidence showing Chinese developers had a capability to elevate a normal account to a “Superuser” account. Cain declared, “Under Justice Department guidelines this type of activity constitutes a Type 2 data breach, meaning the company lost total control of the data and systems to a foreign adversary. Further investigation even pointed to evidence of a potential foreign intelligence operation inside Konnech’s infrastructure connected to Chinese IP addresses. Subsequent to being released on bail, Yu fled the country.

Cain expressed extreme shock that after the indictment and resulting publicity, Gascón personally dismissed the indictment. “Totally inexplicable” stated Cain, who observed that “given the gravity of the evidence the case should have been fully pursued and further behavior was equally bizarre.” Cain then referred to Gascón’s settling the $5 million Konnech lawsuit against the LADA’s office for the arrest, even over the public objections of his own staff.

Cain reflected that the political playbook for “settlements” is designed to preclude actual litigation of the issues and make it look like something was resolved. Cain said: “Such collusion is obviously corrupt and should have no place in the Justice System. This kind of pre-arranged deal, made in secret, acts as a subtle threat to other elected officials to stay away from Konnech or risk adverse publicity. The settlement made no sense, I suspect that Gascón did not want to give credence to election system infiltration claims. Such a settlement is unprecedented and totally irresponsible and might lead some to suspect a kickback or public corruption.”

Konnech supplies a host of voting personnel software to many counties in the United States and that information ran straight through to Chinese servers for use by the People’s Republic of China (PRC). In addition, Konnech had developed the software used under the Federal Voting Assistance Program, which provides voting mechanisms for every American overseas to vote. Cain noted “This software, paid for by a Department of Defense, was a grand slam for the PRC, who, thanks to Konnech, could grab the personal information for all overseas military personnel, every diplomat, and every American, whether working for an Intelligence Agency or a major corporation, who votes.” Cain has major concerns that those officials in the Pentagon, who have awarded this contract to Konnech, are “Asleep at the Wheel” in reference to foreign adversarial cyber threats.

Organizationally, documents reflect that Konnech is connected to companies in China who appear to be subsidized by the PRC government, including Wuhan Yiqing Technology Co., Ltd., Jinhua R&D Center and Wuhan R&D Center, residence of Yu’s Chinese partner.

Cain emphasized that Yu has the full right to defend himself, but decried Gascón’s move to prevent pursuing the case: “This is serious. It is a National Security Threat that was referred to the FBI by the Defense Counterintelligence Security Agency, whom Nate Cain reported it to, yet Gascón dismissed the case. As far as I can tell, none of the counties whose data we found on Chinese servers were notified by LA County and presumably none of those counties’ election systems have been forensically examined for cyberintrusion, exfiltration, or indicators of compromise. Dismissing this case, that had sound evidence of crime, can be considered a reckless obstruction of justice, including rewarding Yu with a $5 million settlement. This is an egregious breach of the public’s trust, a text-book example of fraud, waste, and abuse and certainly, a world class example of ‘Gas Lighting.’ This merits further investigation into Gascón for public corruption.”

Case 4:23-mc-00647


Nate Cain, U.S. Congress candidate, WV-2, Owner of Cain & Associates, LLC, military veteran, Federal Whistleblower and a Cybersecurity Subject Matter Expert of 27 years. Cain worked extensively on election integrity as an Expert Witness and Cyberforensic Investigator for Donald Trump’s White House in the 2020 election.

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