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HMS Software President, Chris Vandersluis on Meeting the Multipurpose Timesheet Needs of Enterprises

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Chris Vandersluis, President, HMS Software

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CEOCFO and HMS Software President, Chris Vandersluis discuss The Release of TimeControl 8.4 and the Addition of TimeControl Project

Because TimeControl is so flexible and so open to having data move in and out in a controlled auditable process, our clients can do the things they need to do and support the internal prosses.”

— Chris Vandersluis

POINTE CLAIRE, QC, CANADA, July 19, 2023/ — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview with Chris Vandersluis, President of Pointe Claire, QC Canada-based HMS Software, providing multipurpose timesheet software and services for enterprises with new product releases in project management and TimeControl 8.4.

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During the interview with CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse, addressing the highlights of 2022 for HMS Software, Mr. Vandersluis said, “It has been a big year for HMS Software. If I look at the software side, we made a major release of our TimeControl enterprise timesheet service and software early in 2022 and another major release, TimeControl 8.4 just a few weeks ago. Also, we released a new addition to our TimeControl product called TimeControl Project which was a big evolution for us and we have shifted some of our focus into that product line.”

Mr. Vandersluis continued, “If I look at the 2022 financial year, our intention was to have a flat stabilizing year after huge growth in 2021 and we accomplished that. We knew we had a shift from some clients from our on-premise products to our online software as a service subscriptions and that this would push some growth towards 2023. This year we have seen that growth.”

Describing the features of their TimeControl 8.4, Mr. Vandersluis said, “TimeControl 8.4 is our most recent release. TimeControl 8.4 includes some great new features and improvements. One of the most visible is in the way TimeControl data is displayed. Our whole dashboard for example was completely rewritten and made much more current and modern with a lot more decision-making views. We have also expanded the links with other products in TimeControl 8.4, to integrate with other corporate systems. We’ve improved authentication to allow TimeControl to integrate with Microsoft Azure 365 Active Directory and have made major improvements in the free TimeControl Mobile app. That was a big plus.”

On the reason behind their new releases, Mr. Vandersluis shared, “When we first got started as a software publisher, we created TimeControl as a multi-purpose timesheet and that is somewhat unusual. TimeControl is designed to not only be a timesheet for payroll, project management, or tax reporting, it can do multiple functions and support multiple corporate processes at the same time. Users can do one timesheet at the end of their week or the end of their day or every two weeks, whatever their timesheet period is. They can update on a task-by-task basis all of their time on tasks, but also things like non-working time. I can put in my holiday time, sick time, and vacation time. Because that is all in a single place, done at the same time, people have to do less timesheeting at the end of the week. What we’ve learned and continue to promote is that users don’t want to do multiple timesheets. TimeControl users may only use TimeControl for five minutes a week. But at least they do that only once. They don’t have to do one timesheet for payroll, one for HR, one for project management and yet another one for billing. Once the data is in using TimeControl, there are a lot of people who want to do something with that data and that is where TimeControl has done very well. It’s a win for the end users and a huge win for administrators.”

Explaining what they learned from their clients, Mr. Vandersluis told Lynn, “I can sum that up in a single word: flexibility. Ensuring that all parts of the product continue to expand on how flexible they are while maintaining our auditable architecture is a core part of our vision. One thing that we did in TimeControl some time ago was to create an API, which is an Application Programming Interface that allows other products to tie into TimeControl either to push data in or pull data out in a programming fashion. We found a number of our clients have said the API capability has been a key feature for them. We now have these integrations coming from tools that we may not have ever seen. Because TimeControl is so flexible and so open to having data move in and out in a controlled auditable process, our clients can do the things they need to do and support the internal prosses that they need to support. TimeControl itself always going to get more functionality but our focus for expansion has been TimeControl Project and programming functionality for clients to be able to integrate into their corporate systems and corporate processes.”

As for what sets HMS Software apart, Mr. Vandersluis offered, “I think the strength of HMS is our depth. We have been doing what we are doing for a very long time. We understand the processes that go behind a timesheet. Any developer can create a timesheet screen in a few hours if asked, and it will always kind of look the same. It will be some kind of a grid where people will type in time entries, and then the timesheet will be saved.

That’s not the important part of a timesheet. What’s key is what comes afterward when payroll, billing, project management, the tax department, the CFO, and others want to see what happens to that data in very particular and very different ways. We understand the functionality of that of course because we understand our product, but our strength and the reason HMS has done so well is because we understand the business processes behind that screen.”

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