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How To Have A Better 2024, Released on New Year’s Day to Comfort and Inspire

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William Loiry Author of SECOND CHANCES: How To Have A Better 2024

William Loiry releases 2024 edition of his inspirational book after near-death experiences

Each morning you wake up, you have a Second Chance in life. What will you do with yours today?”

— William Loiry

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, January 2, 2024 / — In December of 2012, William Loiry was almost killed in a New Jersey taxi “accident”. It was an open and shut $5 million personal injury case (LOIRY v. MELVIS TAXI CAB, LLC, Case Number 240 N.J. 411, N.J. 2020), but after 8 years of litigation, the sitting judge, appellate judges, and the New Jersey Supreme Court would not let the case go to trial. Loiry writes, “Am I angry? Very. And it’s OK to be angry when you are the victim of horrendous injustice. But I also decided to convert that anger into love. I turned the evil I was subjected to into this book of inspiration for you.”

“SECOND CHANCES: How To Have A Better 2024” was released on New Year’s Day and is available through Amazon Kindle ( In his book, Loiry describes in detail how he has dealt with and overcome eleven years of unimaginable daily back pain, abdominal pain, nausea, balance problems, PTSD, memory problems, constant struggles with extremely dangerous high blood pressure, and more.

Loiry also writes that he believes he has been given a second chance in life to respond to the world’s current dangerous security and defense challenges. In a world where wars are raging throughout the globe and world peace is constantly threatened by China, Iran, and North Korea, Loiry and his professional team are increasing their efforts to find long-lasting solutions. More than 125,000 Congressional, government, military, and business leaders have so far attended Loiry’s forums on defense, homeland and global security, and disaster reconstruction.

Loiry concludes his inspirational book by writing, “We are all mortal. We all have a limited amount of time here. You don’t have to go through a tragedy or a near-death experience to have a second chance in life. Each morning you wake up, you have a Second Chance in life. What will you do with yours today?”

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