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Nate Cain, WV’s Candidate for Congress, Takes Stand to Hold Military Leaders Accountable for Violating Oath of Office

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Nate Cain for Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District,

Nate Cain for Congress, WV's 2nd District,

Nate Cain for Congress, WV’s 2nd District,

I am proud to stand with my brothers and sisters at arms to honor the oath we’ve sworn,” said Cain. “Accountability is coming for those who violated theirs. It’s going to be prophetic.””

— Dennis “Nate” Cain, Candidate for Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District

CHARLESTON, WEST VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, January 3, 2024 / — Cain Pledges in Open Letter, with 200+ Military Veterans and Active-Duty Service Members, to Bring Justice to Those Military Leaders & Public Officials Who Cast Aside the Constitutional Rights of 1.3 Million Service Members In Forced Experimental Vaccine Mandate

Charleston, West Virginia – Nate Cain, a Republican candidate for Congress in West Virginia’s 2nd District, is an original signer of the pledge to hold military leaders accountable for the vaccine mandate. This pledge comes as a response to the Biden administration’s policy that all military personnel must be vaccinated against COVID-19 with an experimental vaccine. The vaccine forced upon the military had not been approved before given to our armed forces.

Cain, a former U.S. Army veteran, has been a vocal advocate for the rights and freedoms of military personnel. He believes that the forced and coerced use of experimental vaccines on service members is illegal and a gross violation of the Constitution. “I am proud to stand with my brothers and sisters at arms to honor the oath we’ve sworn,” said Cain. “Accountability is coming for those who violated theirs. It’s going to be prophetic.” #2024Accountability

Along with more than 200 active service members and veterans led by Robert A. Green, Jr., an active duty Navy Commander and author of “Defending the Constitution Behind Enemy Lines,” Cain pledges to hold military leaders accountable for the vaccine mandate. It has gained support from fellow veterans, members of the military community, and notable figures such as General Flynn, Rep. Matt Gaetz, Rep. Andy Biggs, and Rep. Margorie Taylor Greene. Many see this as a necessary step to protect the rights and freedoms of those who serve in the armed forces. Cain’s stance on the issue has also garnered attention from national media outlets, further highlighting the importance of this issue.

In the open letter written by Green, Cain emphasized the actions that he and 231 veterans and active service members have pledged to do, “In the coming years, thousands within our network will run for Congress and seek appointments to executive branch offices, while those of us still serving on active duty will continue to put fulfilling our oaths ahead of striving for rank or position. For those who achieve the lawful authority to do so, we pledge to recall from retirement the military leaders who broke the law and will convene courts-martial for the crimes they committed. For those of us who attain legislative offices, we pledge to introduce legislation to remove all retirement income for the military leaders who were criminally complicit, and we will ensure none serve in or retire from the Senior Executive Service.”

It was important to Cain that this letter acknowledged the need for God’s help in this matter and that all of the actions they pledged to do was in accordance to the law. “We the undersigned, on behalf of hundreds of thousands of service members and the American people, while appealing to the Supreme Judge of the world for guidance and purity of intention, mutually pledge to each other that we will do everything in our power, through lawful word and action, to hold accountable military leaders who failed to follow the law when their leadership and moral courage was most desperately needed.”

While it is important that the original 231 signatures were solidified in this document as an article of history, the decision was made by the group to open up a petition for the many other Americans, who have served and who have not, who support this effort to hold our military leadership accountable. The petition to support the Declaration of Military Accountability can be found at

As the 2024 elections approach, Cain’s pledge and stance on the vaccine mandate for military leaders is a key issue in his campaign. He believes that it is crucial for elected officials to stand up for the rights and freedoms of those who serve and protect our country. “I am committed to fighting for the rights of our military members and holding those in power accountable for their actions,” said Cain.

Nate Cain’s pledge to hold military leaders accountable for the vaccine mandate is a bold and timely stance that has gained support from the military community, veterans and beyond. As the election intensifies, the spotlight on military leadership accountability becomes more prominent, raising speculation about its potential repercussions on the future of our nation’s armed forces and national security.


Nate Cain is a veteran and the FBI Federal Whistleblower written about in the Daily Caller. He submitted evidence to the DOJ IG, referenced in the Durham Report, page 78. Nate Cain is a Cyber Security Expert and founder of Cain & Associates. He worked extensively on election integrity, having been called on as an expert witness and cyber forensic investigator by the Donald Trump White House in the 2020 election. Nate Cain stands firmly with Donald Trump and endorses him for President of the United States. Cain is running as a Republican, the true Conservative candidate for US Congress in WV-2, @NateCain4WV. #RaisingCain #2024Accountability

Military Service:

• U.S. Army 307th Signal Battalion, HHC, Camp Carol, South Korea (Enlisted)

• U.S. Army 1111th Signal Battalion, Company A, Raven Rock (Enlisted)

• U.S. Navy TACTRAGRUPAC, Detachment Yokosuka, Japan (Civil Service)

• U.S. Navy PHNSY & IMF, JBPHH, Hawaii (Civil Service)

• U.S. Marines MARFORCYBER, CPT #83, Fort Meade, MD (Civil Service)

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