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Riley Gaines joins Combat Vet Jeff Sacks for Save America Rally 1/4/24

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You’re Invite to Save America Rally

ICYMI: Riley Gaines joins Combat Vet Jeff Sacks for Save America Rally 1/4/24

WASHINGTON, D.C., UNITED STATES, January 3, 2024 / — Join combat Veteran Jeff Sacks and Riley Gaines for the ‘Save America Rally’ this Thursday, January 4, 2024, 11 AM-1 PM at the Silk Mill, 1707 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg, VA.

This event is a special kick-off of Sacks’ mission to return Virginia’s traditions and morals to its original glory, “The Great Rediscovery.” Sacks stated, “This event is for all patriots, everyone who is tired of paying more and more at the gas pump and the grocery store, parents tired of our failing education system, small business owners struggling to make ends meet…” Sacks continued…” at the rally, you will hear a powerful message from Riley Gaines, local organizations, and my plans for Virginia’s 7th Congressional District. America is not winning anymore. I gave the ultimate oath to protect our nation over twenty years ago, and today, I have five daughters; it is my job and duty to continue my service to our country to preserve our Constitution and bring back the American Dream for them and all future generations. It is up to all of us to Save America.”

Sacks’ team sent invitations to the rally this week: “Join us for an event in support of Jeff Sacks as he considers representing VA-7. Together, we will make America the Shining City on a Hill, and she will be on the ballot in 2024.”

Recent interviews of Sacks include,

WRVA Richmond’s Morning with John Reid, TNT Radio Unleashed with Marc Morano, TNT Radio State of the Nation, WCHV Joe Thomas in the Morning, and WMAL All-American Book Club with Eden Gordon Hill.

Lt. Colonel Jeff Sacks is a twenty-year veteran of the U.S. Army, husband, father, a man of faith, and a devout believer in ‘American Exceptionalism.’ Jeff is the author of ‘The Decline and Decay of the U.S. Constitutional Order,’ where he shares insights and detailed knowledge of his military experience on the fundamental principles of American ideals. Through his writings, Jeff emphasizes the distinct qualities that set the U.S. apart from authoritarian regimes and defends the American way of life against those who seek to harm the nation.

Save America Rally

January 4, 2024

11AM- 1 PM

The Silk Mill

1707 Princess Anne St, Fredericksburg, VA

RSVP here.

All are welcome.

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